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O Diamond, Diamond, thou little knowest the damage thou hast done!

The sense and sensibility displayed by animals have always amused humans. The smartness displayed by animals under stressing conditions and emergencies reveal a side of them which both, bemuses and bewitches readers. Being the companion of men from time immemorial, the dog has had his share of shining moments. However, rather than singing glory songs for my cronies, here I am sharing an odd incident where a human being showed his intellectual capabilities and emotional balance at the face of a tragedy. This anecdote shows the bond between the man and the quadruped in a wonderful way, I hope people losing their temper on animals over trivial issues, learn a lesson or two from it.

Sir Isaac Newton, the acclaimed scientist, who found out what animals knew since ages(read: gravity) had a pet dog named Diamond.  The archives reveal that Newton loved animals and his closest friend may well have been Diamond. One day Diamond knocked over the candle on the scientist’s desk and started a blaze that destroyed records of many years’ research. The revered scientist knew that it would be grossly unfair to blame the animal for the fire. Viewing the destruction, Newton said, “O Diamond, Diamond, thou little knowest the damage thou hast done”.

The humanity may remember him for the gravitational laws and celebrate his scientific contributions but for us faunae, this incident alone is enough to catapult him to greatness!

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