The Book of Joshua: review

A fortnight ago, I was sent a book from Harper Collins for review. Ah! spare me the arched eyebrow? I do have some reading time to myself when I am not chasing cats.

On first impression which was purely based on visual senses, the aesthetic cover of ‘The Book of Joshua’ led me wondering if it was like Marley and Me. On second glance, the connotations of Old Testament came running. I could not have been more wrong.

Coming afresh from James Heriott’s ‘Vet in Harness’, I was taken straight to a tale which sometimes read like a fairy tale romance. Two strangers separated by maps, bound by graying years meet on an eventful evening and shape the course of their lives. Like an old world romance breathing to life, The Book of Joshua narrates the heartwarming tale of this couple(Tanya Mendonsa and Antonio E Costa) and their animal friends. The lyrical verse painted in earnestness would for sure appeal to dog lovers across geographies. An ode to the bond between (wo)man and canine, the vivid narrative takes the reader right through to the whisker periphery of the protagonist, cocker spaniel ‘Joshua’.

One instance wherein I have my reservations from the author is  the amplification that Joshua’s breed finds in the pages. I am yet to see three decades of Sun but I have been fortunate to bask in canine affection and believe me pedigree  has no role in it. A dog is a dog, the only godly god:)

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